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Internet Slang –

POS stands for ‘Parent over shoulder’ – Used when the conversation is inappropriate and needs to be put on hold because parents are nearby.

WYRN stands for ‘What’s your real name?’ – Usually used by groomers who want to know more about who they are talking to.

Asl stands for ‘Age / Sex (gender) / Location?’ – Usually used at the start of the conversation to find out about each other.

Brb stands for ‘Be right back’ – When one person needs to leave the conversation in a hurry, but will return.



A current issue, as you may have seen on the BBC News at the start of April 2016, is the ‘craze’ of young people sending nude pictures of themselves. There are many different reasons for it, and unfortunately the age at which this happens is getting younger and younger. At Herne, we are trained to help everyone involved in this, and make sure no one has to suffer alone.


Internet Matters is an incredible website which will answer all your online safety needs:

      Want to filter your Internet access at home, using parental controls? Find out here.

      Need to report a problem? Take action here

      Not sure how safe you and your family are online, at home? Take a quiz to find out.

      Download an app from this website to help you with those challenging conversations with your child.


Extra Tools



Privacy Settings for Social Media Apps

All apps have help pages on how to lock down your profiles and prevent your information becoming public, but you can never be sure how secure they are – as many of the free apps make money by selling your details and contacts’ details you inadvertently give them permission to use.

This website gives you everything you need to know about safety and privacy settings, from Facebook and YouTube to Gmail and Minecraft

This subject generally has nothing to do with Online Safety, but online bullying can lead to eating disorders, which are a sensitive subject. However,  if you know anyone who may suffer, do consult a doctor but also visit​  for more information and support.

Staying Safe Online Advice

A powerful video to show your children, and teach them about the dangers of Sexting

NSPCC: I saw your willy


These documents can help with children of all ages (including teenagers) and also support staying safe online through games consoles and mobile phones.

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