Art Vision: All children are given the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy art.


At Herne CE Junior School, we believe that being creative is a vital part of a child’s education. Art offers a unique input to a pupil’s personal development and has a positive impact on their wider achievement, as well as an important means for self-expression, imagination, play and experimentation. As a subject, it enriches children’s cognitive processes, problem solving and thinking, also giving children the opportunity to communicate in a creative way. At Herne Juniors we endeavour to provide children with rich experiences and the skills and confidence to express themselves giving them the opportunity to explore, develop, and create their ideas using a varied range of materials.

The content of the art curriculum in Key Stage 2 builds on what children have learned in Key Stage 1. Children develop and improve their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture using a range of different materials. They create sketch books to record their learning and use them to review and revisit ideas. We believe in a plan, do, and review structure to art where children will use research and inspiration to plan their pieces, often learning techniques, before creating their piece of art. After they have created their piece they will have the chance to review and assess what they have done focusing on what they like, what went well and evaluating what they could change next time.  Children will learn about a selection artists and photographers throughout their time with us, reflecting different styles and learning about what shaped them as artists.

Every child is an artist… we aim to give children the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy art so that they too can believe this.






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