Curiosity Challenge

Our school’s science vision statement isTo develop lifelong curiosity about the world around us and to aspire to answer questions by using a range of scientific enquiries.  We strive to promote a love of learning in science by encouraging the children to be curious about the world around them.  The children are provided with a question to ponder where they research and create a project all about a particular area of science.  This is an excellent opportunity for the children and their families to talk about science at home and build a project together. Check out the wonderful projects our children have accomplished!

Were there humans when the Dinosaurs existed?

Lockdown period: What is it like on Mars?


Over the the lockdown period, we had an outstanding amount of science projects emailed to us. So much so, we couldn’t fit them all on our science curiosity board! Our question to ponder was: what is it like on Mars? Every child who participated received a curiosity certificate when they returned to school.


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