At Herne, we aim for all of our children to be educated and prepared to lead a life in the ever-changing digital world. We provide opportunities for our children to enhance their computational skills throughout their time at our school. We strive to achieve this by providing weekly Computing lessons in our suite as well as opportunities to use our range of tablets and iPads.


There are three main strands of the Computing Curriculum: 

Information Technology 
Information technology educates children about how computers and networks work, with a focus on how they are used in the modern world.

Digital Literacy 
Digital Literacy lessons enable children to use computers to create content safely. Throughout their time at Herne, our children will learn how to produce documents for a given audience using Microsoft and Google software. They will also create video and audio content for a range of purposes.

Computer Science 
Computer Science introduces children to coding, allowing them to build up skills as they learn to become computer programmers. At Herne, every year group explores Scratch to build upon their previous learning. We also use Crumble to code hardware.

Computer Science encourages children to develop resilience and promotes problem solving as they learn to be ‘coders’.

In addition to the three main strands of the Computing curriculum, Online Safety is a regular feature of our curriculum and its delivery is adapted to the needs of the year group, ensuring that children feel confident when using computers and the Internet and know what to do if they come across something inappropriate that may make them feel uncomfortable.

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