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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr Malcolm Saunders

Headteacher Mr Saunders is the Headteacher of Herne Junior School. He excels in his job and we are very glad that he has taken up a big chunk of his life to return to our school. Mr Saunders is a passionate football player who taught at Herne previously. After he left in 2008 the staff created the Saunders Cup to remember the influence of football that Mr Saunders gave to this school. Now he is back after five years and the Saunders Cup still lives on. He also enjoys playing skipping, hopscotch and tennis ball throw with young school pupils during break and lunch time. One of Mr Saunders many talents is that he likes to run. He originally used to run in the London Marathon. However, now that his age has increased and he works at the school he doesn’t have enough time to train to improve his running prowess. Mr Saunders has struck a great blow for the likes our community. He has improved everything that he has seen since he has been here. All the pupils of Herne Juniors School can thank him for being here and making the school the best it can be. By Luca



Mrs Espley

Deputy Head Mrs Espley is the Deputy Head at the school, but she also helps with teaching and learning with separate groups of children. She joined the school in 2012 and started off as a temporary Headteacher before Mr Saunders joined the school. Mrs Espley loves singing and watching cricket. One of Mrs Espley’s many talents is performing and if the chance comes she will certainly not hesitate to going up to perform. Mrs Espley is a talented teacher and it is a pleasure knowing her. Mrs Espley has had a great influence on the school and she is a cherished member of Herne Junior School community. By Morgan



Mrs Newbury

Assistant Headteacher & SENCO Mrs Newbury is SENCO and Assistant Head Teacher. She has been a teacher at Herne for many years and keeps her hand in by teaching a Year 5 class one day a week. Also, Mrs Newbury loves rugby and has a son. By Edward



Mrs Sheriyar

Senior Teacher‘Outstanding Teacher’ is how to describe Mrs Sheriyar! She is great at maths and amazing at putting a smile on people’s face. She loves netball and is amazing at it! She is also caring and considerate of others and always has a way of lifting your moral. Mrs Sheriyar has many tips and tricks on how to avoid trouble and stay focused when trying to achieve your goal. Making lessons fun and enjoyable is yet another talent of Mrs Sheriyar, along with boosting children’s confidence with any subject. If you ever have any worries, Mrs Sheriyar is the one to go to. She is one of the most funny, thoughtful, talented and generous people that you will ever meet! By Ella-Christine



Mrs Parrett

Teacher Mrs Parrett is one of the most influential teachers in the school. She makes learning a joy, with her humorous jokes and magnificent laugh. She is really passionate about Art and is the best at singing in the school. She goes out of her way to help her pupils. Mrs Parrett also gives up her time to lead assemblies and she runs the weekly school choir. She is always finding new ways to learn and is obsessed with finding her students true potential. Mrs Parrett joined us in September 2012 and since then she has given children new hope for the future. She always has a smile on her face. We are lucky to have someone so amazing at our school. By Lloyd



Mrs Finn-Kelcey

Teacher Mrs Finn-Kelcey is a teacher at Herne juniors. She looks after our school council. She loves football and is extremely passionate about rugby! She joined the school in Easter 2013 and got to know every one very quickly. By Ciara



Miss Powell

Teacher Miss Powell is a fantastic teacher, she isn’t just a teacher, she also teaches dance to pupils here. She is very passionate about dancing and she is a very good dance teacher as she helped for a dance in the 2013 Year 6 production of the Lion King. Whoever gets Miss Powell as a teacher are very lucky, it will be a year to remember. By Joe



Mrs Kiely

Teacher Mrs Kiely teaches us well. She puts our lessons into games and makes them fun! Mrs Kiely is kind, funny, cheerful, wonderful and is always there to help. She has taught us how to write an interesting and thrilling story, a formal letter, what a volcano eruption is and what causes earthquakes and tsunamis. She has also taught us about space. She is a very lovely teacher. By 5 Exeter



Mrs Hopper

Teacher Mrs Hopper is an outstanding teacher who is loved by everyone. She is very kind, caring and always happy. She is the perfect model of our school values. She adores anything musical, plays the piano and even sings (amazingly) in a band! Mrs Hopper loves to read and sometimes reads a book in one day (not in term time though!). She loves spending time with her family and Mr Sheldon her dog with the floppy ears!

What the children say about her:

“She has done a great job at boosting our confidence”

“She helps us to understand new things in a fun and exciting way”

“She is good at WOW-ING people”



Mrs Salvatori

Teacher Mrs Salvatori is an extremely kind and helpful Teacher, who is really organised, smart and always looks pretty. She likes sport and is fantastically competitive and likes a challenge. Her favourite author is Oliver Jeffers, who writes and illustrates the most amazing children’s books. Mrs Salvatori is fair and shows us compassion and she encourages us to be clever and follow our school values. Mrs Salvatori is the best Teacher ever! – By 3 Durham



Miss McGinley

Teacher Miss McGinley joined us in 3C in September 2015. She is great fun and loves to have a joke with the class, but she also likes us to work hard and do our best at all times. Miss McGinley runs an Animation Club in school which is brilliant – we have all made a film with moving characters, and she is taking over from Mr Taylor and running the ICT curriculum in school. Miss McGinley loves playing bench ball and dodge ball and her favourite animals are elephants or giraffes!





Miss Oakley

Teacher Miss Oakley is new to Herne as she started in September 2014. She is a delightful teacher who is caring and intelligent. She loves children and is always ready to help them with their work. Miss Oakley supports Chelsea and is a massive fan of Dr Who. By 4 York



Mrs Miles

Teacher There is never a dull moment when Mrs Miles is in the classroom.She is a very kind, happy and funny teacher that makes learning really enjoyable. She loves teaching English and is also passionate about speaking French, she always includes some French vocabulary in her school day and has even taught her young daughter to speak it too! Mrs Miles is also musical and plays the violin.

What the children say about her:

“She explains things really well so it’s easy to understand”

“She always pushes us to try our best”

“She is a very funny teacher, who is always able to add jokes into every lesson”



Mrs Saunders Nield

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Saunders Nield joined us recently in Year 5. She is really nice and helps us with our work. She loves art and gardening. We are glad she joined our class. By 5 Oxford



Mrs Blackband

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Blackband is very nice, sweet and kind. She is a fabulous member of our school community and takes us to scooter club every week and drives us to clubs matches and trips in the school minibus. Mrs Blackband is smart, happy and fun, she is a great help in class and especially helps us with our learning in Read Write Inc. By 3 Durham






Mrs Tappenden

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Tappenden is an amazing Higher Level Teaching Assistant. She helps you with work when you’re finding it a struggle. She runs the Gardening Club at school and teaches Eco lessons. She is also an amazing singer and her band have performed at lots of venues locally. By Joe



Mrs Buchanan

Teaching Assistant Mrs Buchanan is very kind and generous. She helps us a lot. She shows us the school values all the time. She sometimes stays late to help us. By Faye and Anja



Mrs Bubb

Teaching Assistant Mrs Bubb is an exceptional Teaching Assistant who loves the theatre. She also loves to sing; another hobby Mrs Bubb has is watching the Rugby whilst knitting wonderful scarves. Mrs Bubb is one of the most understanding people ever. Three cheers to Mrs Bubb. By Francesca



Mrs Sylvester

Teaching Assistant Mrs Silvester’s job is a Teacher Assistant. She has two daughters, one of whom is a teacher and both went to our school. Mrs Silvester is a super TA and always helps us with our learning. By William






Mrs Dunk

Teaching Assistant Mrs Dunk is a very kind TA. She is also very fun. She is a lovely and delightful TA. Mrs Dunk is very funny and is always nice. Mrs Dunk makes us a great class, she is very creative and good at drawing. She leads Origami club and is very good at it! By Olivia and Mia



Mrs Cusden

Teaching Assistant Mrs Cusden is very loveable and is always happy to help you when you need it. All your problems can be solved by Miss Comfort! She loves to take care of her dogs, at home. She loves them very much. Miss Comfort always helps people with their work and she likes to help children improve on their learning. She joined our school in 2011 and still loves in here!. By Rachel



Mrs Petts

Teaching Assistant Mrs Petts is a Teaching Assistant at our school. She is very positive person and always helps us look at the sunnier side of life. Mrs Petts is a trained Irlens screener, which I think helps children with their eyesight issues. By Max



Mrs Garnar

Teaching Assistant Mrs Garnar is a lovely lady who has experienced a lot in her time at Herne. She is very caring and always helps us with our work. She has been at this school for 18 years and knows everything. Her favourite lesson is English and she is brilliant at spelling. She has three sons who are all grown up, and a husband. She loves watching Rugby and Tennis and tells us about them. Mrs Garnar is great and we love having her as our TA even though she won’t tell us her age. By Nel



Mrs Senft

Teaching Assistant Mrs Senft is a Teaching Assistant in Herne Junior School and is known for her liking and talent in dance, but what everyone has just started to realise that she has an obsession with pink and sparkly things. Her two cats, who she loves, are also a big part of her life. By Grace



Mrs Richardson

Teaching Assistant Mrs Richardson is a kind, fun loving teacher. She loves origami and is very good at making it. She helps everyone in the class! Mrs Richardson sorts out every problem by making us laugh, especially friendship problems. We all love you Mrs Richardson! By 5 Exeter



Miss Drury

Teaching Assistant – Miss Drury started working at our school in September 2014 as part of her apprenticeship. She is very friendly and always helps you. She organises the Cool Milk at break times and she is really nice. By Ella



Mrs Jackson

Teaching Assistant This is Mrs Jackson. She helps everybody in the school. She is amazing and helps with our English and Maths. Mrs Jacksonhelps us change our books. Mrs Jackson is very kind and sweet and awesome. She is lovely and helps us learn By Harrison, Alfie, Emily and Millie



Mrs Bennett

Events Coordinator / Higher Level Teacher AssistantMrs Bennett is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and our Events & Visits Coordinator. Without Mrs Bennett we would not be able to go on the amazing trips we have! She is extremely good at sorting things out. By Aaron



Mrs Inglis

Learning Mentor Mrs Inglis is a learning mentor who helps people with their special needs. She is also amazing at arts and crafts. She is caring of others and is always happy to listen to other’s problems. She uses up a lot of her own time to help children in need. Her and Mrs Kehoe make a good team. By Lewis



Mrs Halley

Family Liaison Officer Mrs Halley is the school Family Liaison Officer. She supports the children and their families when they need a helping hand. Mrs Halley always has a smile on her face and is one of the kindest people I know. By Grace



Mrs Pout

Business Manager She is the school’s Business Manager. She spends most of her time in the office making sure the school has enough money to buy cool things to help us learn. She loves the sun and beach holidays. By Sophie



Mrs Baker

Office Manager Mrs Baker is the Office Manager, she has to write all the schools newsletters and the school trip letters, as well as running the office. She is really helpful and a hardworking lady. By James



Mrs Gann

Attendance and Admin Assistant Mrs Gann works in the school office. She became full time at Herne in September 2013 after many years of working part-time. She helps out in the office, managing money and sorting the registers. She has 3 daughters and loves chocolate! By Ciara



Mrs Barwick

Mid-day Supervisor / After-school Club Leader Mrs Barwick is the After-school Club Leader and Mid-day Meal Supervisor. She is very strict when children misbehave or say bad things but she has a heart of gold and a wickedly funny sense of humour. By Jessica



Mrs Harvey

Mid-day Supervisor / After-school Club Assistant Mrs Harvey is a Mid-day Supervisor and an After-school Club Assistant. She always ensures we eat all our lunch and play nicely at lunchtimes. By Lewis



Mrs Pilcher

Mid-day Supervisor / After-school Club Assistant She is an After-school Club Assistant. Mrs Pilcher is also a Mid-day Supervisor. She is very funny and we all think she lives on chocolate! By Edward



Mr Pout

Site Manager Mr Pout is a very brilliant caretaker as he replaces everything that gets broken. He always walks around school with a smile on his face and enjoys a laugh with children. In his spare time he plays the electric guitar – he’s not an aging rocker really! By Joe



Mrs Green

Mid-day Supervisor



Mrs Annis

Play Leader / Crossing Patrol Mrs Annis is our Play Leader and Crossing Patrol. She is very kind and helpful and encourages us to play nicely.



Mr Collier




Mrs Fagg




Mrs Brown




Mrs Bubb






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