We believe that topic should be an enjoyable subject for every child within the school. Through the use of a creative and varied curriculum which encompasses Geography, History, Art and Design & Technology (DT), it is our belief that lessons should be fun, practical and diverse. The lessons taught, allow the children to explore and become involved in the world around them; helping them to learn how the past has shaped our lives and how we can shape the future.


Our children investigate and explore both geographical and historical topics on their own and also as part of groups. They are encouraged to ask questions, communicate ideas and draw their own conclusions as well as research points of interest on their own. The curriculum aims to provide cross curricular links, drawing links between other subjects including English, Maths, Science and RE.


Within the school, there are many opportunities for Art and DT whether this is in class or as part of a club. Across the school each year group completes art every term based around topic and cross curricular subjects. Children have the opportunity to discover and use a wide range of mediums to create their own pieces of art these include: paint, pastel, pencil, printing, animation, sculpture and fabric among many more.  We trust that every child should have the chance to express themselves in a creative and hands on way.


The Topic curriculum map link below provides you with an overview of the Topic learning within our school. Each year group has six units which are taught within the year.

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