Lighting a Candle

Training Children to become Collective Worship Helpers in Our School


‘It’s interesting; we get to learn about what Christians believe.’


This scheme challenges our young people at Herne Juniors to think about Collective Worship in our school and to play an active and thoughtful part in it. We currently have nine groups running, led by volunteer members of staff. Pupils meet regularly with their leader to take part in activities, allowing 90 pupils the opportunity to access the scheme. There are three levels of awards; bronze, silver and gold. Certificates for pupils who have successfully completed a level are awarded at a whole school celebratory assembly at the end of the academic year.


‘We get to learn about Jesus and that’s important.’

Each of the three levels, bronze, silver and gold, contain four sections:


Section One: A Sense of Space.

This allows children to think about where they worship and challenges them to think about how they can create a space which will aid their experience of worship.

‘We say prayers, it’s important to tell God what you want.’


Section Two: A Sense of Community.

The second section of each level allows pupils to explore what it means to worship with others and what it is to be part of a community.

‘We learn to care for others.’


Section Three: A Sense of Wonder.

This section enables our pupils to reflect on their own spirituality, to consider the role of quiet reflection and the place of activity as a response to worship.

‘It makes me behave a bit better.’


Section Four: A Sense of Christian Tradition.

In this section, pupils can research the wealth of Christian literature which has been handed down in the form of prayers, scriptures, poems and songs. Our children can explore what resonates with them.

 It’s fun, it’s decent and it encourages me to pray.’






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