How can I help my child?

1. Create

Fill an old cardboard box with materials your child could use for making things. Recycle things like empty egg boxes, pipe cleaners, lolly-pop sticks, elastic bands, cotton reels, bits of card and plastic. Using masking tape, a hole punch and scissors, your child could use these to create anything – miniature playground frames and swings, houses, furniture, or even alien beings!


2. Cook

Ask your child how he or she might go about creating a fruit or vegetable salad or smoothie that is designed to look and taste great. Talk about the type of ‘treatment' different fruit and vegetables require before they can be eaten, such as washing, cooking and peeling.


3. Challenge

Give your child a project and encourage them to approach it like a real designer. Choose something that interests your child – cooking a simple dish, making clothes for a doll, designing a model car or plane, or creating a birthday card for a friend (This will help a lot with the way lessons are taught at school).


4. Design

Your child can practise design skills by, for example, cutting out pictures from old magazines or cards, and folding and manipulating the paper to make moving pictures. Or look at how things have been designed around the home for specific purposes and people. Talk to your child about the role of design in everyday things at home. Make a list together including furniture, décor, clothes, food, cards and presents. They may be surprised just how much there is.


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